Vantage has extensive project experience with various compression projects that range from smaller screw compressors to larger centrifugal compressors. These include conceptual studies, detailed studies and all the way to the project closeout.The following list represents a few of Vantage's highlights from past compression projects.

Faybyan Compressor Station 18.0 MMSCFD (510 e3m3/d)

The existing plant was planned to be increased to 18.0 MMSCFD (510 e3m3/d) and included upgrading plant piping, adding a new booster compressor, re-commissioning existing compression and modifying the flare system.

Hoosier Gas Plant 6.3 MMSCFD (180 e3m3/d)

This plant was designed to handle 6.3 MMSCFD (180 e3m3/d) and included adding a new screw compressor to boost pressure into an existing compressor upstream along with adding a new refrigeration package.

Esther Booster Compressor 16.0 MMSCFD (453 e3m3/d)

The project consists of modifications to Esther 13-19 Compressor Station to increase gas handling capacity of the plant to its maximum design capability of 16.0 MMSCFD (453 e3m3/d). The following modifications includes an installation of a new booster compressor, removal of the exiting sand filter building and installation of a new suction scrubber on the existing compressor.