Vantage has extensive project experience with various wellsite tie-ins including sour gas, sweet gas, conventional oil, heavy oil and water disposal wells. The following list represents a few of Vantage's highlights from past wellsite tie-in projects.

Esther Oil Well Pads

Completed a feed study on a Gas Plant in Esther, Alberta. The project included tie-ins to split flow downstream of the refrigeration plant, a tie-in connection at the riser/pipeline for the new Esther gas into TCPL, completed the majority of electrical/instrumentation work, installed meter runs, controls, piping and supports at Esther Plant for splitting gas flow.

Manatokan Heavy Oil Well Pads

Vantage worked on over 150 Manatokan heavy oil pads that contained 5 wells per pad. These projects included full regulatory support, scheduling, detailed engineering, construction management and project closeout.

Duverney Wellsite Tie-Ins

Vantage worked on various wellsite tie-ins in this area and often required sand separators in the design to handle to the initial high flow sand production as a result of the fracturing process.